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One-stop marketing solutions, from High Reach Marketing.

High Reach Marketing is an exciting new concept whereby several businesses have combined under one roof in order to offer one-stop marketing solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes, from one-man start-ups to established companies.

The principle behind high-reach-marketing was founded upon the need to look at overall strategies and to be able to offer solutions all at source.

The various parts offered are all backed by personnel who are current business owners, several very successful investors and those with many years of experience, inclusive of Directorships at national and multi-national levels.

The various sections found throughout the site are designed to try to put the various aspects of marketing and sales strategies into one area to enable you to make comparisons and select options that suit your needs at any given time.

In our experience to drive any business forward the functions of both sales and marketing require a strategy to begin the process and that this strategy is made up of a combination of techniques all designed to enhance both your business profile and market penetration.

Throughout the site you will find sections on:

  • Web Strategies - from website design and SEO to Forums, Blogs and Viral marketing
  • Traditional Marketing - from telesales to direct mailings, PR, identity and Graphic design
  • Digital Marketing - Social media marketing and on-line video
  • Cost-effective consultancy - We are here to able and available to assist where required from simple advice to investment

Whatever your current situation, whether your business is brand new or has a new product, needs refreshing or simply needs a fresh pair of eyes to jump-start it again - call high-reach-marketing today - we are here to help. Tel - 01284 717184 or 07887 846095



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