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Imagine that you have a virtual sales team, who are paid on commission terms only when they generate sales, which in turn, offers your business a measurable and highly cost-effective way of marketing your products or services High Reach Marketing can show you how.

With the help of the High Reach Marketing specialists, Affiliate Marketing helps a company or business reach a much wider audience, increase their customer base and ultimately, their sales.

Don’t simply take our word on it – Last year alone, it was estimated that the UK’s Affiliate Marketing Industry was valued in the region of £9 billion and large organisations such as Vistaprint, Amazon, Superdrug etc. make frequent use of affiliate marketing.   

Depending upon your own capacity, it is an inexpensive way of getting numbers of people (called affiliates) to advertise and promote what you are offering and in return, the affiliate, once a sale has been made, earns a small commission.  By operating on this basis, your business is; essentially, only paying for marketing when a product has already been sold by that affiliate.

Another benefit is that even without a sale, your Affiliate has still promoted your goods or services and has thereby, helped to build your brand profile online.

How do you know who has made the sale?
Each affiliate has their own unique tracking id. Via this new form of Payment by Results only, all clicks are tracked and commission paid on all resulting sales an affiliate makes.

By monitoring closely the work of the Affiliates the company may learn  in detail, all interest which has been expressed in your product or service, inclusive of which banners attract the most clicks/leads; where the prospects originate and of course who your top affiliates turn out to be.

Yes – you still need to manage it
Very few companies want sales at any cost so it is still important to protect your own brand reputation and ensure that the advertisements and promotions marketing on your behalf do actually reflect your brand image

If you would like to learn more about how Affiliate marketing may benefit your business – the contact High Reach Marketing for a no-obligation discussion  



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