Email Broadcasting

High Reach Marketing
Email broadcasting is another modern and effective method of reaching thousands of potential customers quickly. Email broadcasting or email marketing has evolved where it is now regarded as an essential part of almost any marketing strategy, and High Reach Marketing will be pleased to demonstrate to you the benefits of making this method a seamless arm of your strategy.

Research shows that around 22% of promotional emails fail to reach their destination; but the results obtained from the 78% that do, more than justify continuing with email broadcast campaigns.

Email marketing, correctly conducted, is a very powerful tool, building strong one-to-one relationships with customers and delivering a message quickly and concisely. It is a fundamentally cost-effective tool whether you are sending 500 emails to customers or 200,000 messages to an acquired opt-in database. 

The art is in the message, the delivery and to whom.

With the right message, delivered correctly, you are likely to enjoy outstanding success. Fail in this and you could be blacklisted - so you do need to either understand and follow the rules, or get a third-party such as High Reach Marketing to organise the email marketing campaign for you.

High Reach Marketing can organise it so that it is performed correctly and will not be regarded as spam. By using permission-based and opt-in email campaigns and having well designed and informative emails, (inclusive of offering an opt-out option) the email broadcast can be a very effective part of your marketing and data collection strategy.

To learn more as to how email broadcast can become a valuable part of your marketing strategy call High Reach Marketing today.



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