Fax Messaging

High Reach Marketing
Fax messaging from High Reach Marketing provides you the option to send both urgent and routine information especially where clients require a hard copy; faster, easier and more securely with electronic fax.

By sending via electronic fax, the line is never busy nor “out of paper”; it requires no ink, nor cartridges, nor paper.

Simply create a fax message and it is sent in the same way as you would send an email.

The growing reliance on fax as a business tool has certainly created a requirement to better manage and control fax messages, which is no less applicable to smaller businesses.

As well as simply sending, receiving, or printing a fax, fax messaging will allow you to forward a fax, add a voice message, and broadcast to multiple people, simultaneously.

Electronic Fax or fax messaging provides an ideal solution for distributing fax messages to employees or locations without a dedicated phone or computer, such as the retail sector, manufacturing or perhaps hospitality environments, and the system will send all of the faxes simultaneously saving considerable time for staff.

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