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Responsive web design
Many website owners are still unaware that on April 21st 2015 made significant changes to its algorithm. Already dubbed “MobileGeddon,” this change could be having a negative impact, not only to your site but subsequently to your business.

The new algorithm was introduced in order to offer highly relevant visitor search results with a good deal of weight placed in favour of websites offering a unique user experience on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets etc.

It doesn't have to be the end of the world for your website.

High Reach Marketing offer cost effective solutions to help you rebuild your site to mobile compliance.

Why have Google done this?
Most of us are aware that mobile technology use is now a huge part of internet use and this has alerted Google to the fact that contextual search results are now a requirement, and that it needs to offer search results tailored to each users device.

As Google themselves have stated; “When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results, no matter if the information lives on mobile-friendly web pages or apps”.

Should I change my site to accommodate these changes?
We all know that most customers will search on the internet and the majority will use Google.

Research shows that mobile traffic is increasing fast and already accounts for around 15% of all internet traffic and up to 30% for retail.

In order to encourage global compliance, Google has made changes to its mobile SEO order rank algorithm to rank compliant websites higher than websites that do not.

Businesses which are mobile friendly and have incorporated mobile SEO tend to:

  • Obtain better brand exposure from mobile searches
  • Increase mobile traffic and conversions
  • Convert visitors into loyal customers both online and offline

Is my website mobile friendly?
The team at High Reach Marketing can certainly check this out for you, but undoubtedly your main and immediate concern is will your current site drop down the rankings and have an adverse effect upon your business?

To date, the jury is still out and opinions differ as to the level of “drop” seen by non-conforming sites, but it is worth considering that there will be other refinements coming over the following months and you really need to be prepared.
Checking on analytics and looking at your keyword performance for trends is a must.

Of course if you are worried or see a definite drop in traffic we can help as we are well versed providing mobile-friendly websites to our clients.

So what is Responsive Web Design?
This is a generic term which applies to Google’s recommended approach to site build which helps to ensure that the site caters to all sources of web traffic, whether on desktop, mobile, tablet, or other. Avoiding much of the current jargon, it is largely about an innovative approach that adjusts the layout of a single website to fit different screen sizes or breakpoints.
To rebuild your current site entails a complete reworking of your website’s basic structure, and business logic, then re-building it back up from scratch using responsive web design techniques.

Can’t I just add a mobile friendly site?
You could, and until recent times this was indeed a common strategy. However, by having two separate sites meant pointing the right device classes to the right experience. Mostly it did not work properly and was very difficult to manage and is now, not Google recommended.

Is my current site compliant? Check for yourself:-
If you are un-sure whether your site is mobile friendly you can check with Google at

If you would like some help or advice in this matter then the team at High Reach Marketing are here to help. For an informal discussion, without any obligation on your part, then please feel free to contact us.



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