Investment For Small Businesses

It is perfectly understandable that starting a new business or expanding an existing business needs investment, as well as expertise, consultative support and possibly hands-on support as well.

At High Reach Marketing, we not only offer the consultative support and expertise where appropriate but our team also comprises Investors who have not only started business themselves but have personally invested in business propositions.

Quite often the investment sought is needed for sales, marketing or technology. Much of this support we have in-house and in these cases we are more than prepared to enter into a Joint Venture whereby our investment is in supplying the technology and expertise.

There are occasions however we can see the need for cash injection and where appropriate we may be able to service this requirement, or obtain it for you from other Investors with whom we are associated.

Clearly we too, have limitations on the resources available, some projects may require venture capital or require a greater commitment than we can currently manage, but again, if the prospect seems appropriate for investment elsewhere, then we are sometimes able to assist by making the appropriate introductions.

We are usually pleased to listen and even help with future presentations if perhaps the concept is not for us but we can see it attracting other investment opportunities.     

If you have an idea or a concept that you would wish to present and it is well thought out, even if you have as yet, been unable to formulate it into a comprehensive business plan, then call 01284 717184 or 07887 846095 TODAY



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