Online Video Marketing

Online video, as a marketing medium, is one of the fastest growing digital marketing tools, with almost 30 million people in January 2009 accessing video. That’s the equivalent of 8 out of 10 internet users, and it therefore should be worthy of serious consideration within your overall marketing strategy.

High Reach Marketing can help your business:

• Raise your company profile
• Raise your brand profile
• Link and gain greater traffic volumes by linking these to social sites
• Increase your company web status and online visibility

The increase of the popularity and the technological growth of the internet has; in our view, at least matched both TV and cinema as a medium on which to show film.

Online video is an integral part of social media and sites such as YouTube have dramatically increased the popularity of this marketing medium.

High Reach Marketing quickly recognised that significant marketing benefits could be obtained from fully utilising the online video potential as long as

• It was a seamless part of the overall strategy
• It was optimised correctly in order to gain the most exposure
• It was relevant, interesting and was targeted



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