Podcasting as a multi media marketing tool

A podcast is a media file (audio or video) that can be sent over the Internet and which is made available either as downloadable or as a syndication feed for convenient playback, either on a personal media player or PC. In today’s on-demand society, it is a very effective method of communication with your potential customers, and convenient, in that the listener or viewer may store it for future reference.

Submitting the podcast feed to podcast search engines and directories is another useful method of increasing the traffic to your website, whilst at the same time getting your message across.

High Reach Marketing takes great pleasure in creating content on behalf of clients for this emerging media platform. Benefits include:

  • You are quickly viewed as an expert in your field
  • They help to increase customer loyalty and brand awareness by increasing the visibility of your products or services
  • Once popular, the podcast becomes an opportunity to sell advertising and sponsorship
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Podcasts can get across industry news and information
  • Podcasts can reach markets unreachable through other marketing methods

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