PR, Articles and Copywriting Services

PR, Articles and Copywriting Services

We understand that the term PR (Public Relations) may sometimes seem a long way from smaller companies. At High Reach Marketing we appreciate that PR covers a large area and even a one-man band must make publicity necessary to gain exposure must be gained.

According to the Institute of Public Relations (IPR), PR is about “reputation”; about influencing people in what they think about you. Any organisation, regardless of size, can gain from good PR. It can be both informative and make you stand out from the crowd.

Many different techniques are used as fundamental tools with PR campaigns, from online viral marketing, conferences, blogs, article submissions to media relations.

PR is not the same as advertising

With PR, we do not pay for the exposure that you get from within the media. PR has multiple methods but using the media as a free route to promote your business is a great benefit.

A simple example of the difference between advertising and PR could be:
A new launch of your product to local companies - this is advertising

However – If you offer the same new service via a competition to a lucky winner via the same newspaper – this is PR, or;

You promote the new product via an editorial showing how it helped solve a major problem for one of your customers - this is PR

Some of the tools used by High reach marketing in this area may be outlined as below:
• conferences
• Photography
• Video News Releases (VNRs): digital
• Editorial coverage
• Viral campaigns
• Features
• Webcasting
• Competitions
• Market research
• Case studies
• Corporate literature and publications
• Newsletters
• Web sites, blogs, and internet article releases
• Published surveys and reports based on consumer, medical or scientific research
• E-mail: press release

Copywriting services
As well as offering the various advice and techniques on how to gain exposure, High Reach Marketing can also offer copywriting services - in all aspects of your business from articles and editorials through to web pages, news letters, brochure materials to targeted mail shots.

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