Sales and Marketing Consultancy

Sales and Marketing Consultancy
High Reach Marketing is pleased to offer a vast array a sales and marketing consultancy and is specifically targeted at smaller or new companies where we feel that we can more readily demonstrate a positive impact. As well as being here to help the smaller operations we also enjoy the “local” feel to what we do and as such, and as a result of where our team is based, we specialise in the following areas:

• Marketing assistance in Bury St Edmunds
• Marketing assistance in Suffolk
• Marketing assistance in Norfolk
• Marketing assistance in Essex
• Marketing assistance in Cambridgeshire

As well as the concepts of marketing strategies and digital marketing, (already explored in some detail), we also have specialists in sales strategies and sales management who will be pleased to assist you where required.

Clearly sales strategies will encompass some of the areas we have previously discussed such as web strategy, e-marketing (on-line sales), lead generation as well as sales material development, but having obtained the leads you must now understand how to increase your sales conversion ratios.

There is a massive difference between order taking and sales - I would like a pound for every salesman who has visited my business and has simply produced an order pad ready to take my business - no up-selling, no real understanding even of what my requirements are or even which direction my business is taking.

Perhaps you now find that your business needs to grow and you don’t feel that you have the skills or resources needed to lift the sales or manage the sales process? As above, we also offer a specialist service to local regions;

• Sales Consultancy Bury St Edmunds
• Sales Consultancy Suffolk
• Sales Consultancy Norfolk
• Sales Consultancy Cambridgeshire
• Sales Consultancy Essex

Possibly you have little or no growth in sales whilst your competitors appear to be doing well?

Fed up with poor sales results and can no longer with hearing about “sales potential”?

Perhaps this is your first step into gearing up for a sales drive, and are not sure how to go about it?

Maybe you just feel you need some help in running a new sales campaign or need some ongoing training for your existing sales team?

Could you business befit from short-term sales and marketing consultancy to get off the ground?

There are dozens of questions that may be applicable to your requirement, and we will not try to bore you with talking psycho-babble about sales or sales management - most of it is not rocket science - it is always centred around having the right products or services, the right pricing structure, and an awareness of your market and its opportunities. After this it’s mostly about hard work, belief, motivation and measuring the results.

In truth, for most small companies, the sales structure has just evolved with little planning or target structures.

If you feel that you could or should be doing better, or just don’t know how to move forward then talk to High Reach Marketing today

You may well be pleasantly surprised



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