SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

“SEO”, Search Engine Optimisation” or “Optimisation” as is it often called, is not the “black art” that many would have you believe. It is largely about building page text, both ethically and with relevance to the page subject matter and following certain rules. There are other things that a web site developer can do following this such as link building, and article publishing, but we will cover these later.

In simple terms it is centred around text on the page that is well written and relevant to the subject matter, having the correct number of key words or key phrases (following simple rules) and then trying to get your site found organically - i.e. when someone searches a phrase, good search engine optimisation will help your site be found. It is certainly not the only method that will get your site found readily, but it does provide the basic foundations which need to be in place in order that search engines will move you up the rankings nearer to the top of the search results.

To do this well requires both time and patience and quite often a good deal of research into the number of competing pages, the frequency of search terms etc. It is pointless being on the front page of a search engine for a phrase that nobody ever searches for - good for the ego but no help whatsoever in finding new customers for you.

At High Reach Marketing we not only conduct detailed research both in the search terms and key phrases but also put a lot of effect into analysing the results once the site is built and launched - for any successful marketing strategy you need to know:

  • How often the site is visited
  • How many visitors?
  • How many are new and how many are return visitors?
  • How long they remain on each page?
  • At what point they entered the site
  • Most importantly, at what point they left
  • Did they respond to any call to action?

    If you are looking to be found regularly within the search engines through good search engine optimisation, then contact High Reach Marketing TODAY to see how we may assist you even if you have an existing website.

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