Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The team at High Reach Marketing do not underestimate either the value or potential of social media marketing which is now regarded as one of the fastest growth areas of digital marketing.

Simply put: “Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites” – (Wikipedia quote)

Build and engage with your buying community

Done well, and managed well, social media marketing encourages readers to share their good-news stories or excitement about your products or services across the social media platforms and so, in effect, they may become your greatest ambassadors. Rather than a “hard sell” from a marketing company, the message which is spread between friends across the social platforms quickly becomes far more trusted because it is a personal message rather than from a third-party.

Once your business joins the social media channels you can start to interact with consumers directly and, provided that your message is welcomed, it can be frequently re-posted by recipients allowing you to reach a much wider audience than by conventional marketing AND can build real loyalty to your brand because you are “speaking directly to individuals”.  Social media marketing gives your business the opportunity to build relationships beyond the normal transaction status so much so, that loyalty soars as well as retention.

Select your target audience

By careful selection of whom you follow on the social media platforms it is also more than possible to reach a highly targeted audience and allows the promotion of micro-targeted marketing campaigns.

It is worth remembering also that the majority mobile phones today have Apps linking to social media sites so that you social media marketing which is picked up on mobile phones is happening real time as well as being a very powerful tool in other senses – any message coming in to an individual’s mobile phone is almost sure to get a greater response than a message say, left on email, and as most of us carry our phones for much of the day, message access is almost immediate.

For some – the thought of presenting their business through social media platforms is still something way into the future.

It would seem however, (in the successful marketing world); that omitting to have social media channels, (whereby potential customers may not easily reach you); is the equivalent of cutting off the phone and insisting that all customers write to you via “snail mail”.

Social Media Marketing

What are the types of Social Media Marketing?

As soon as we think of the “social media” we tend to think of Facebook and Twitter yet the predominantly business-based sites such as Linkedin also rank highly amongst the social media labels.
Certainly within the UK the most commonly used social media topics, and those that support your existing SEO efforts, include

Manage your reputation 

Sometimes the High Reach Marketing team as asked to help a client company establish themselves in the social media marketing spheres only to find that they have a tarnished reputation which they were totally unaware of. Quite often customers who feel disenfranchised will prefer to talk to one another rather than bring their complaint to your doorstep. By engaging directly you can nip this in the bud and deal with it openly and be perceived as a company with excellent levels of customer service..AND by having good loyalty relationships elsewhere, you can also rely on them to leap to your defence. Remember that it takes years to build your reputation and moments to ruin it – deal with it in real time, maintain and then enhance your business status.

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