Traditional Marketing

As stated earlier, at High Reach Marketing we believe that internet-based marketing should account for one aspect of an overall marketing strategy, and in this respect, well conducted forms of traditional marketing still have a very important part to play, the two areas should compliment each other well.

During this section we will discuss various forms of traditional marketing:

Call centres - telemarketing and telesales
• Public Relations and Corporate identity
Articles & Editorials
• Copywriting
• Leaflets, brochures and targeted mail-shots
Graphic design
• Exhibitions
Proof reading

In today’s fast-paced market arena the internet plays a vital role in marketing and sales but many clients do not necessarily spend much of their time searching the internet, and indeed, some smaller businesses hardly use it at all.

Interestingly enough, from our own experience, when the internet first started to make a significant impact the buyer would often receive an email or search for a product, find it on the internet and then seek clarification via hard-copy. Now it seems the other way around - we see a newspaper advertisement and then look it up on the internet.

With so much “spam” in our inboxes now it is often a pleasure receiving a well worded targeted letter and brochure. The brochure can be viewed often, left on the desk and filed if deemed appropriate, for future reference. So much spam filtering also occurs that this can be little guarantee, that the email is ever actually viewed.

Many larger organisations have been very successful by using the traditional methods as a first option and then utilising internet marketing to reinforce the message, and many find that a targeted mailing gives greater accuracy than other formats. It is still fair to point out however, that these only really work well when the disciplines are in place such as ensuring that a follow-up call is made.

A good mixed marketing campaign is designed to:

• Increase market awareness
• Lift your profile and create the right company image
• Increase sales to existing customers and generate new sales
• Build customer loyalty and re-establish lapsed relationships
• Reduce ineffective sales costs



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