Video marketing

Video marketing
Video marketing from High Reach Marketing is an efficient and advantageous means of reaching prospective customers, and creating an instant positive impact.

We all know that every picture is “worth a thousand words” and a well crafted video, verses text, can deliver a message that the viewer will remember easily.

Short informative and catchy videos can get a point across quickly and in an attractive manner and is not particularly expensive - good lighting, a well crafted script, a reasonable webcam and a video hosting provider will more than suffice and you have begun your internet video marketing campaign.

As it is accepted that so many today use the internet as a search for information, what better way for you to market your message?

Videos and video links, distributed through High Reach Marketing will be optimised to also increase your website rankings, and today, a good well placed video with relevant content, will often score well as a ranking factor.

  • According to “YouTube stats” in 2014 over 1 billion viewers watched 4 billion videos on YouTube.
  • 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • Surprisingly, over 65% of those who watched online videos were between 35 and 64.
  • Joint research studies between Google and Doubleclick showed that video marketing averagely drove 4-7 times higher engagement and response rates that standard static text marketing.
  • The majority of online video viewers will pass on the links for these videos (as per viral marketing) and according to “Marketing Experimentals” viral video marketing campaigns increase click though rates by up to 750%!
  • 100 million Internet users watch online video each day
  • 75% of executives told Forbes that they view work-related videos at least once per week.
  • Of these executives 65% visit a marketer’s website having viewed a video
  • 64% of viewers are more likely to buy products from online retail sites after having watched a video

By utilising some of the High Reach Marketing team key skills, your video will have the advantage of being crafted by a qualified and experienced TV graphic designer and co-written by a professional copy writer. The marketing video will also be:

Placed on the first page of your website
Have tracking in place
Be optimised for video search engines and for content search engines with Meta tags
Have anchor text from video to website
Include RSS feeds
Include a video site map
Make full use of key words on the titles and links to web pages
Be submitted to video hosting sites (free and do not use your own bandwidth)

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