Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing
Viral marketing, sometimes called “buzz marketing”, is an online marketing method of encouraging word-of-mouth marketing which is delivered and enhanced online. It gives the ability to reach huge social networks in an instant and can create explosive growth. Articles, blogs and even video links, can and probably should, play a major part in your viral marketing strategy.

For clients, High Reach Marketing seeks to exploit this Internet marketing tool to encourage people to continue to pass on your marketing message to colleagues and friends. By doing this, your product brand awareness attracts greater attention time via peer-to-peer advertising, which is a major strength and is very cost-effective.

From a commercial website perspective, a good viral marketing campaign works well by capitalising on two fronts:

  • it gains from multiple inbound links and is likely to get your website pushed up the rankings
  • there are really no more cost-effective lead generation methods than by a referral

By targeting your audience well you can gain maximum publicity at very low cost.

High Reach Marketing is able to create your viral campaigns and viral marketing strategies or simply work with you to promote existing campaigns.

We work with you from conception upwards so that we have a clear understanding of your products or services, and the demographics of your target audience as well as a clear understanding of your overall objectives.

To learn about how High Reach Marketing can put your products and company in front of a large audience and create your product “buzz” - call today on 01284 717184 or 07887 846095



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