Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development

With a team spread across the region we are pleased that we are able to offer:

• Web design Bury St Edmunds
• Web design Suffolk
• Web design Norfolk
• Web design Essex
• Web design Cambridgeshire
- all as local specialities

At High Reach Marketing the emphasis is to design and develop your website in order to meet with your requirements. We do not design and develop a website in order to impress other site designers but remain strictly focussed upon making the site produce effectively for you.

The site is meant to be an integral part of your overall marketing and sales strategy, and it should be a vital part in the future success of your business.

Every company's needs are different and the site should therefore be unique, but the principles behind them remain the same, namely that they require to be effective and represent your company well.

Before commencing a website design and build we need to work with you to fully understand why the site is being built, what is it intended to achieve and how it needs to reflect who you are.

What is a website?

There are fundamentally 9 types of website

• Personal - providing information about an individual
• Organisational - similar interest groups / hospitals etc
• Educational - providing information
• Entertainment - games etc
• News - Self explanatory
Blog sites - chat rooms, discussion forums, online diaries etc
Commercial websites - designed to sell products and services
Hybrid websites - combination of a business site, but also to host informative documents etc

Even on a commercial site there are a small number of variations

• Purely reference site - not designed to be found on search terms – just there as an on-line brochure – no good whatsoever if you are trying to generate new business
• To attract lead generation organically - i.e. to be ranked high by Google by the content, the keywords used, the build of the site and by articles and links but not paying for the “clicks”
• To buy and sell on-line - i.e. a shopping cart
• To attract lead generation at high cost - i.e. Pay per Click sites - you pay Google to promote you and pay for every click even if it generates no business

At High Reach Marketing, we will help you decide what is the appropriate site style and type for your company needs, and then build the site in-house, working with you all of the way, either adapting the text that you provide or alternatively writing all of the text on your behalf.

Whatever your needs, High Reach Marketing is there to help.



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